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Suicide 0

The Trailer

The mountain bike flips on its side, front wheel still spinning, as the boy hurries up the two cement steps to the trailer. The screen door has barely enough life to creak shut. “Hello?” he yells, his prepubescent voice cracking. But the only other sound is the numbers flipping to seven AM on the old GE clock. In a long […]

Post mortem 6

Duct Tape

Duct tape has a benign beginning. Vesta Stoudt, who worked in a WWII ordinance factory, noticed flimsy closures on the ammunition boxes and recommended a stronger cloth tape. This led to the development of a polyethylene coated fabric strip by Johnson & Johnson. Designed to be torn by hand, no scissors needed, it is easy to apply and remove. The plastic […]

Post mortem 0


If you’re quiet, you can hear them munching and crunching. It happens when hundreds of them congregate for a feast of decomposing flesh. They are still juveniles at this voracious eating stage in their life cycle as flies. Initially, they are white specks laid by their mothers in wet, moist regions of abandoned human bodies — the eyes, the nose, […]