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Category: Post mortem

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Watching her

The song starts simply, with drums, double bass, and acoustic guitar. Gordon Sumner’s beautiful tenor joins the music at the 15-second mark. “Every breath you take” was a huge hit for The Police, winning in the category ‘Best Song’ at the 1983 Grammy Awards. Consequently, it is on the radio a lot, even now, twenty years after it was first […]

Post mortem 2


Dots of sweat gather above my industrial safety glasses. Overhead lights glimmer, reflecting on the stainless steel of the table. The air is humid despite the air-conditioning, and heat emanates in waves. A butcher’s apron over my surgical scrubs lays heavily at my neck, the waistband tied too tightly. Privacy-glass windows, along one wall, above my head, reveal the dark […]

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Duct Tape

Duct tape has a benign beginning. Vesta Stoudt, who worked in a WWII ordinance factory, noticed flimsy closures on the ammunition boxes and recommended a stronger cloth tape. This led to the development of a polyethylene coated fabric strip by Johnson & Johnson. Designed to be torn by hand, no scissors needed, it is easy to apply and remove. The plastic […]

Post mortem 0


If you’re quiet, you can hear them munching and crunching. It happens when hundreds of them congregate for a feast of decomposing flesh. They are still juveniles at this voracious eating stage in their life cycle as flies. Initially, they are white specks laid by their mothers in wet, moist regions of abandoned human bodies — the eyes, the nose, […]