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Category: domestic violence

domestic violence 3

Storage Locker

“I don’t know why I made the payments on that stupid storage locker,” the woman said, her frosted lips pouting. The interview had drawn to an end. The FBI agent closed the folder in front of him, standing up to see her out. “Even before I paid the gas and electric. It was that important to him,” Brandi continued, shaking […]

air crash 8

The Spider

People arrived, in groups of twos and threes, faces anxious. Looking rumpled as if they’d slept in the airport after a cancelled flight. Hair lackluster, makeup smeared, skin pale. They spoke in whispers, with an occasional sob. The families of the victims of TWA Flight 800, had come to identify the personal belongings of their loved ones. Large cafeteria tables […]

domestic violence 11

Watching her

The song starts simply, with drums, double bass, and acoustic guitar. Gordon Sumner’s beautiful tenor joins the music at the 15-second mark. “Every breath you take” was a huge hit for The Police, winning in the category ‘Best Song’ at the 1983 Grammy Awards. Consequently, it is on the radio a lot, even now, twenty years after it was first […]