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For readers interested in my published works, I have included a list in the “About” section. If available on the internet, I provide the link. Otherwise the work is in print form in the literary journals and anthologies given. I have finished my manuscript of my memoir, Here, Where Death Delights (although is it ever really finished) and am awaiting Second Readers’ comments. This is a milestone accomplishment!

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This has been an exciting month with five more of my pieces accepted for publication. “The Taking Tree” in an anthology entitled ‘It Was a Mistake’ by Free Spirit, out in print very soon. “The Shoe” expected online in Issue #10 of Griffel this month. “First Interview” to be published by Unleash Press in their Conversation Anthology this year. “In […]

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I have been working hard on my manuscript. It contains 44 chapters, 15 of which are published in literary magazines. The search is on for an agent to represent me! I am also proud to announce that one of my stories, “Stairwell” published this summer by Jellybucket (Bluegrass Writer’s Studio of Eastern Kentucky University) has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Many worthy authors are nominated by small presses for this award, and very few will win. Still, I am thrilled to see my work in print and to know other writers thought highly enough of it to push it forward. Another piece, “Collapse,” won first place in a flash creative nonfiction contest, 2021, and appears in Dreamers Creative Writing, […]

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Storage Locker

“I don’t know why I made the payments on that stupid storage locker,” the woman said, her frosted lips pouting. The interview had drawn to an end. The FBI agent closed the folder in front of him, standing up to see her out. “Even before I paid the gas and electric. It was that important to him,” Brandi continued, shaking […]

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When He Snapped

Afterward, no one could explain why he had done it. It happened while Ashley was watching television, an after-school cartoon, Rugrats, maybe, or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, sitting cross-legged on the carpet, her face inches from the screen. Her mother would have scolded her for ruining her eyes or absorbing harmful radiation or not doing her homework. But her mother […]

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“What’s going on?” I asked. There was an angry edge to my voice as I watched the bodies being laid on the floor — two hundred and twenty eight of them. “I don’t know, Doc,” answered Kaholo, my pathology assistant, as he put on a butcher’s apron. His torso was thick and so were his biceps. He was having trouble […]

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The Orange Crush. It sounds like an athletic team or a sparkling refreshment. Certainly not an elite division of prison guards. Not the name of an organized effort to control the incarcerated. Yet, that is what has been identified in a class action suit filed by inmates against the Illinois Department of Corrections. In an article from the Chicago Defender […]

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La Petite Morte

Evelyn had arrived early for the meeting. The curtains were closed on the first floor windows of the motel room. It didn’t matter. The only view was an empty parking lot, on this weekday at lunchtime. A Reader’s Digest lay abandoned on an end table next to a plastic cup of water. Rumpled linens covered the bed, spilling partway to […]

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The Canal

“Will there be girls?” the teen asked eagerly, brushing red bangs from his forehead. “Copy that,” crackled the radio followed by, “but it’s not at my home 20.” Eddie huddled next to his roommate who was speaking into the handheld. He raised his eyebrows and mouthed, “What’s he mean?” Their garage was base station for this new hobby – Citizens […]

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The Farmer

“How long was he out there?” I asked my assistant, who was unzipping the body bag. An aroma of mildew mixed with the sour tang of blood assailed me. The man was face down on the gurney, left in the same position in which he was found. “Two weeks,” Paul answered. “The trooper said the 15-year old son found the […]

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B.I.T.C.H. Part 2

The courtroom felt stuffy like an airplane cabin on a transatlantic flight. The defense attorney continued to bark questions at me. Jurors shifted in their seats. At times, a prosecutor objected and the judge would intervene — the referee in a game of words. Counsel spent time asking about each scratch and bump on the decedent, trying to attribute any one of them to a more benign event than the murder. As the medical examiner that had performed her autopsy, I knew the intimate details of the injuries that had claimed her life. She had been savagely attacked, sexually assaulted, and then run over in the road. This lawyer had a hard case to defend. The victim’s blood, and brain matter […]

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Tick, tick, tick, tick. The circular clock’s second hand made its way to the hour of 3:00. I had been waiting 45 minutes in this windowless room, seated on an inflexible metal folding chair. The overhead panel lighting cast a yellowish glow over the papers on the table in front of me. I looked over the ten pages, five times, […]

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Dark hair was matted to the little girl’s head. Her lips were dried and cracked, her eyes sunken. Amina was gaunt, and less than fifth percentile for height and weight. Despite her olive-toned skin, she was pale. She lay lifeless on the morgue table. I sharpened my pencil, preparing to take notes. Feeling sluggish, I thought about stopping for a […]

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The Spider

People arrived, in groups of twos and threes, faces anxious. Looking rumpled as if they’d slept in the airport after a cancelled flight. Hair lackluster, makeup smeared, skin pale. They spoke in whispers, with an occasional sob. The families of the victims of TWA Flight 800, had come to identify the personal belongings of their loved ones. Large cafeteria tables […]