Mary Jumbelic, MD

These pages represent my reflections as a retired forensic pathologist, now a writer. Having worked in the morgue for 25 years, I have garnered a lot of experience. From Chicago and Peoria, Illinois, to Syracuse, New York, my job has been as an advocate for the deceased. They have communicated to me through wounds, disease, and the circumstances of their last living moments. I have gone to their death scenes, performed thousands of autopsies, and talked to my patients’ friends and families. This blog is a forum for stories that the dead have told me – stories of their lives. By retelling their tales, they will also be telling mine.

Find out more about me and check out my story that won first place in March, 2016 Tortoise and Finch Contest Winner

Ground Fresh Thursday Press chose me for the Grand Prize in their 2017 Anniversary Contest, Theme: Hidden World, Guest Judge: David Sandum, for my story, “The Morgue”, published in GFT Presents: One in Four, Volume 2, Issue 1, Spring 2017.

Other publications include “Flies” in Vineleaves Literary Journal, a collection of vignettes from across the globe, 2017, and “Home” https://www.foliateoak.com/mary-jumbelic.html

In 2014, the first part of my memoir was in the top ten winners of nearly 3,000 contestants  AARP/Huffington Post Memoir Finalists