I have been working hard on my manuscript. It contains 44 chapters, 15 of which are published in literary magazines. The search is on for an agent to represent me!

I am also proud to announce that one of my stories, “Stairwell” published this summer by Jellybucket (Bluegrass Writer’s Studio of Eastern Kentucky University) has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Many worthy authors are nominated by small presses for this award, and very few will win. Still, I am thrilled to see my work in print and to know other writers thought highly enough of it to push it forward.

Another piece, “Collapse,” won first place in a flash creative nonfiction contest, 2021, and appears in Dreamers Creative Writing, Issue #10, released December 2021.

I am enjoying teaching with the Downtown Writers Center of the Syracuse YMCA and the camaraderie of fellow poets, novelists, and essayists.

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