I’m excited to share my latest recognition for one of my pieces “Watching Her”. Women on writing chose it as the first place winner in their 2021 Q2 contest. Here’s the link-

4 responses to “Award”

  1. Michael Canavan Avatar
    Michael Canavan

    Congratulations, Mary. A great story. We’ve missed you at CNY Creative Writers Group.

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  2. Thanks Michael – I miss everyone too. Covid has challenged us all. Have you been meeting by zoom?


  3. Hi Mary,
    I just read your winning story on WOW! I’m a big fan of the site and a former winner. Your story was so powerful and evocative. I hope you find a home for your memoir. Giving voice to the stories of the deceased honors their memory.
    I find your work fascinating, something that most people would find impossible to perform. I write essays on grief and loss. Please visit my blog on living the creative life.


    1. Thank you so much. It means a lot to hear positive feedback from another writer. I will check out your blog.


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